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Children's Center

Our many youth programs enable our young people to simply enjoy being children at a time that has the potential to be very stressful and traumatic. Often times becoming homeless puts great stress and burden on children of all ages. So we work hard to provide them with access to positive and fun activities that can inspire them and let them know they are loved by God and this community.

The Children’s Center is a completely equipped, professionally staffed facility for the young children of the families staying at Mary’s Place. It is open during the afternoons for the children to play and interact in a positive and supportive environment. There is also a fenced-in outdoor play area. The children are all smiles as they visit the snack room, craft area, hopscotch, wagons & cars, and playground all designed to brighten their day and help them explore and learn.

  • “Do something beautiful for God and make a difference in the lives of others.”
  • "Love and compassion are the secret to world peace."
  • "What is success? To love one another as God has loved us."
  • "Kindness is a conversion. Never forget that."
  • "Great leaders are great servants. Go serve God, serve family, serve your community."
  • "You will never fulfill the Scriptures (you read) until you are willing to live them."
  • "Your smile and an outstretched hand is the beginning of a miracle in the unspoken need of another's heart."
  • “Kindness a language in which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
  • "Hold fast, go forward... fear nothing."
  • "Evil flourishes when good people don't speak."
  • "When someone is drowning, you don't throw them a life preserver, you get into the water with them."
  • "In the evening of our lives, each one of us will be judged on one little thing... love, love, love... until it hurts."
  • "We are responsible for the effort, not the outcome."
  • "Joy is the net of love in which we catch souls."
  • "Don't pray too long, you'll get it wrong; we must go from prayer to action."
  • "We are called to be channels of God's peace, instruments of His love."
  • “Prayerful words must go into loving deeds.”